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for assisted selection of Atos components codes with up-to-date 2D & 3D drawings and full technical data

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Table code

fixed displacement:
vane, radial piston, gear
variable displacement:
axial piston, proportional controls
multiple pumps

ISO standard:
square & round heads
servocylinders with position transducer
special execution with proximity sensors
stainless steel - attachments

pressure controls:
relief, reducing, sequence, unloading
screw-in, in line, subplate or flange mounting
flow controls, check valves

pressure controls: relief, reducing,
sequence, compensators
flow controls
check valves
pressure switches

solenoid valves:
spool type direct or piloted
leak free 2 or 3 way
hand lever - cam - hydraulic -
pneumatic operated

solenoid valves:
spool type, direct or piloted
screw-in cartridges 2 way
ISO cartridges 2 way
ISO active cartridges 2 way

pressure - directional - flow controls
proportional cartridges:
pressure relief, reducing, compensator
servoproportional cartridges: throttle

drivers for proportionals
with/without transducer:
integral to valve, plug-in, DIN rail
Eurocard format
programming tools & fieldbus

servoproportional valves with integral
axis controller
Eurocard format axis controller
digital servoactuators
programming tools & fieldbus

pressure controls:
relief, reducing, compensator
flow controls
directional controls 2 way
check function
active cartridges 2 way

ATEX pumps and servocylinders
Multicertified valves ATEX/IECEx/EAC
UL certified valves
intrinsically safe valves and barriers
stainless steel valves

single & modular subplates for:
pressure, directional, flow valves
ISO multistation subplates
handwheels & manual overrides
electric/electronic connectors

standard & customized power packs
automotive power packs
electrohydraulic systems
stainless steel power packs
accessories for hydraulic systems

quality plan & certifications
guidelines for design - MTTFd data
installation & commissioning
operating & maintenance

spare parts for cylinders
maintenance tools