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Evolution in advanced electrohydraulics

New Atos digital proportionals are the excellent outcome of longlasting R&D activities, devoted to the integrated evolution of proportional hydraulics with digital electronics.

Outstanding performances plus water proof rugged construction to withstand vibrations and shocks.

New TEB integral drivers - basic

A powerful mix of advanced features with no competitor in high performances electrohydraulics:

  • analog reference signal +/-10V or 4..20ma
  • rugged design with IP66/67 water proof & temperature range -40°C ÷ +60°C
  • zinc protection coating, >200h in salt spray, tropical coating on electronic PCB
  • Atos smart software for full parameters setting

This new execution is designed for directional and flow control proportionals, direct & pilot operated, with improved performances and competitive prices, thus making TEB the digital evolution of analog drivers.

FS180 FS165 G001 FS230
New TES integral drivers - full optional

Full optional version of the above TEB basic execution, with possible selection of alternated flow/force controls plus a complete range of fieldbus communication = the best solution for high quality electrohydraulic motion control systems. Functional parameters of new TES digital drivers can be fully set by fieldbus or by Atos original software.

New TEZ axis controllers

Integral to servoproportionals, include closed-loop driver plus axis motion controller. They can be easily configured and PC programmed to best manage position, speed and force of any electrohydraulic axis. TEZ axis controllers improve motion performance, simplify the automation architecture and may be easily interfaced by fieldbus to the machine control unit.

Catalog on line GS700 FS020 G340
New open-loop proportionals

full range of valves including:

  • AES servoproportionals - high performances with integral digital drivers, for demanding applications
  • ZE proportional valves - competitive and reliable solution, with standard performance and good dynamics when coupled with digital E-MI plug-in drivers
FS070 F150 FS035 E135
Digital servoactuators

They perform the complete axis motion cycle with position closed-loop plus optional speed/ pressure/force control. They are intelligent machines’ elements ready to use after piping to the hydraulic source and wiring to the electronic system.

Complete line

Evoluted modular components designed to fulfil demanding requirements of advanced systems: stainless steel hydraulics, full range of safety valves - TÜV certified, ex-proof servocartridges, piston pumps with digital P/Q controller, etc.

EY010 F650 AS170 RL69
ECP - Enhanced Corrosion Protection

Ensures to all Atos range high rust resistance outdoors and in aggressive environments (over 200 h in salt spray test - UNI EN9227). A valuable plus consisting of zinc plating with black passivation of bodies, anodizing, Geomet, plastic encapsulation.