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Safety proportionals /K certified by TÜV

August 2019

Atos is the only worldwide brand offering digital proportional valves certified for functional safety, in compliance to IEC 61508 and ISO 13849.
New proportional valves /K are designed to perform Safety Functions, in addition to the standard valve regulation.
The safety function is performed through on/off signals: upon valve’s disable command input, the valve driver generates on-off output signals as soon as the spool has reached the safety position, confirming that the hydraulic regulation has been inhibited.
For detailed information consult technical table FY200.
Availability from August 2019.
Download Safety electrohydraulics leaflet for a complete overview of the Atos safety range.


TID digital proportionals

August 2019

Atos presents the new proportional valve DKZE-TID specifically developed for wind energy sector. It is equipped with ZE solenoids, LVDT transducer and new electronics derived from TEB drivers:

  • Positive overlap spools
  • Voltage or current analog commands
  • USB port for programming and diagnostic
  • Alarms history permanent storage

A new performing and cost effective solution that in future will be extended to whole range of ZE proportional valves, in order to challenge specific high volumes competitive sectors.
Contact us for additional information.


PED valve up to 420 bar

August 2019

PED pressure relief cartridge valves are now available with pressure range up to 420 bar. The new certificate released by DEKRA includes also the /BT option for low temperature execution -40°C.
For detailed information consult technical table C010.
Max pressure for CART-M-5 and CART ARE-20 remains unchanged, respectively 350 and 400 bar, as per current ConCert certification.


Superfast Delivery Program

August 2019

The great success achieved by Atos Superfast Delivery Program confirms that quick deliveries are a major key point of business.
In order to further increase the level of its service, Atos will soon enlarge the items list introducing also PVPC pumps.
Superfast Delivery Program cover the whole European market with a list of super-standard components available within 3 days without extra costs.


Hannover Messe is coming!

March 2019

Hannover Messe is the main appointment for hydraulics.
Also this year Atos will take part to the world’s leading trade show for industrial technology from 1 to 5 of April.
We will wait for you at stand B14 - Hall 23 to show you our news!

Click here to get your free ticket.

See you in Hannover!

DHL solenoid valves

July 2019

New DHL solenoid valves size 06 with compact dimensions performing max flow up to 60 l/min @ 350 bar are the ideal solution for a large number of applications in mobile and industrial sectors!

Consult technical table E018 for further information.

DHL pre-series will available from Q4/2019, while series production will start from Q2/2020. They will gradually replace DHI valves, which will pass in phase out status from 2021.

Ex-proof digital proportionals

July 2019

Another important step forward to confirm Atos leadership in Ex-proof Electrohydraulics and to complete our wide range of components for hazardous environments.

New ex-proof proportionals integrate last generation of Atos advanced digital technology:

  • New P/Q & axis control executions
  • Alarms’ history storing function, which automatically saves detected alarms into driver’s permanent memory
  • Industrial Ethernet communications
  • USB port for programming and diagnostics
  • Bluetooth adapter to allow PC wireless communication
  • Oscilloscope 5x faster
  • ATEX & IECEx multicertification

Technical tables are available on www.atos.com, section “Products / Ex-proof & Stainless steel”

Availability from July 2019.

E-BM-AS series 12

July 2019

New digital drivers E-BM-AS series 12 introduce new functionalities to facilitate the replacement of E-BM-AC and E-ME-AC drivers, which are in phase out status.

Through the 4 digital on / off inputs, now it is possible to:

  • activate or deactivate “ramp switch off” and “reference inversion” functionalities, previously present only on analog drivers E-BM-AC and E-ME-AC
  • automatically scale the reference input signal in order to be fully compatible with them, without performing programming operations with E-SW software
Consult technical table G030 and quickstart QB020 for detailed information.

Atos hydraulic filters

July 2019

The new Atos filters range double the standard warranty period of Atos hydraulic components! Our specialists are available to best support customers in the engineering of longer life hydraulic systems.

Atos Filter catalog is now available, download KTF19 or book your quantities of printed copies.

Atos hydraulic filters

March 2019

60 years of experience in high performance electrohydraulics are now exploited in the new line of hydraulic filters to complete the Atos products portfolio.

Atos hydraulic filters will be presented at Hannover Messe from 1st to 5th April 2019, Stand B14 Hall 23.

They are equipped with high efficiency filtering elements, to ensure best fluid cleanliness levels in automation systems realized with Atos proportional electrohydraulics.

Atos filters double the standard warranty period of Atos hydraulic components and are available in 2 weeks delivery.

Atos electrohydraulics expertise is now available also for filtration technology, to best support customers in the engineering of longer life hydraulic systems, keeping under control fluid contamination level.

You can download the TF19 leaflet for a complete overview.

Technical tables are available on www.atos.com, section “Products / Filters”

Atos further growth in 2018

February 2019

Atos celebrates its excellent 2018 growth with a warm welcome to the many new customers who joined us last year.

Our unique mix of range, performances and fast deliveries, together with a great responsiveness and attention to specific customers’ needs are the key points to establish long lasting partnerships.

Atos corporate video well highlights our identity: innovation and technology of a multinational company coupled to Italian creativity and customer care.

Watch it in our website at www.atos.com

Atos at IndiaPlast

February 2019

The main Indian event for plastic industry with more than 90,000 visitors and 900 exhibitors. Atos will take part with an appealing stand, showing our innovative range of digital servoproportionals and safety certified valves, particularly suitable for high tech plastic machines.

We are pleased to invite you to visit our stand Hall 10 - Stand B13a

Get your free ticket!

New safety proportional valves /K certified by TUV

February 2019

Atos is the unique worldwide manufacturer offering digital proportional valves certified for functional safety in compliance to IEC 61508 up to SIL 3 and ISO 13849 up to category 4, PL e.

The safety proportionals family will be soon enlarged with the introduction of the new /K option performing safety functions via on/off signals: upon a valve disable command from the machine control unit, the driver monitors the spool position confirming through an on/off output signal when the spool reaches its safe position.

Safety valves with /K option will available from April 2019.

Consult technical table FY100 for information about safety proportionals.

New alarms’ history storing function

February 2019

The new alarms’ history storing function automatically saves the detected alarms and their timestamp into driver’s permanent memory, avoiding the loss of these information in case of power off.

This new function allows to intercept non-repetitive anomalies occurred during the cycle also in machines without a direct monitoring from the machine control unit, since the alarms history can be consulted anytime via Atos programming software.

Starting from April 2019 digital proportional valves with LVDT transducer, pumps and axis cards will be equipped with alarms history storing function.

Atos statement on REACH regulation

February 2019

Atos supports the objectives of REACH regulation 1907/2006/EC aimed to improve the protection of human health and environment against the risk of chemicals. With this target, Atos has released a statement with full information about the presence of chemical substances in its Product Range. You can consult it at www.atos.com/online/certificates

If you have any additional questions at this regard, please contact Atos technical office.