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Atos is a private company with the organization of a multinational: a unique mix of range, production volumes and sales network, together with a great responsiveness and attention to customers. We trust in building strong relationships with our customers, becoming real partners through a common commitment to achieve the best result together.

Our approach to electrohydraulics is passionate, creative, innovative. We believe in the value of technology, and we focus every day on innovation. We internally develop all of our expertise in electrohydraulics, foundry, fluidics, mechanics and electronics.

Quality is the priority: a shared mission at all levels, with goals and awards linked to continuous improvement.

Each new project is a challenge for us, an opportunity to improve the excellence of our products.
We are specialists, 100% devoted to electrohydraulics.


A consolidated operation of 700 employees and 9 production units with elevated quality standards; a sales network with distribution in more than 80 countries around the world.
We produce yearly over 80.000 proportional valves, more than 80% in digital execution, 25.000 Ex-proof valves, 300.000 NG6 on-off, 30.000 cylinders & servocylinders, 3.000 blocks, 2.000 systems.




From the inspiration of a great man, Luciano Crespi, to the strength of a world leading company in digital electrohydraulics. A story of passionate people: engineers, technicians, workers and salesman that share the continuous and proud search of technical excellence and customer satisfaction.

A long route of innovation and passion, restarting everyday towards new challenges in the electrohydraulics world.