Pumps & servopumps

Fixed or variable displacement hydraulic pumps, for high pressure applications with low noise and long service life


High performance and energy saving variable speed servopumps, with P/Q control algorithm specifically designed for hydraulic axes.

servopumps • flow up to 350 l/min

Fixed displacement

Vane, radial piston and hand pumps for medium/high pressure.

vanes • disp. up to 150 cm³/rev

radial pistons • disp. up to 25 cm³/rev

hand • disp. up to 20 cm³/rev

Variable displacement

Axial piston pumps for high pressure with flow, pressure, load sensing, constant power or P/Q controls with electronic power limiting.

axial pistons • disp. up to 140 cm³/rev

Multiple pumps

Modular assembly with fixed or variable displacement pumps for flexible hydraulic power management.

double vanes • multiple vanes

axial pistons + vanes

multiple axial pistons

radial pistons + vanes


Pressure transducers, electric connectors and auxiliary components for servopumps.