Quality is the company’s mission at all levels.

ISO 9001
Quality Management
ISO 14001
Environmental Management
ISO 45001
Health & Safety Management

Atos is certified according to the main International Standards,
with the application of IATF Automotive method.

Quality chain

Quality chain

Customer satisfaction is our focus, an approach in which each process is analysed and optimized along whole productive chain, from design to after-sales services.

Our people act as a team, motivated to grow and encouraged to propose innovative solution with goals and awards linked to continuous improvement.

We carefully select our suppliers and support them through a dedicated growth program, integrating the best tools and methods for quality in order to ensure complete process control and continuous quality improvement of supplies.

Forefront Quality Control

Forefront Quality control

Atos’ Quality and R&D are equipped with the most advanced control systems able to assure the full conformity of components construction, functionalities and performances.

Quality activities are managed through methods usually applied in the Automotive sector with the support of dedicated software to perform analysis and improvements of process.

Production has supported by a high level of automation with in-line process control and daily supervision of Quality Staff.


Testing and traceability

100% of the Atos products are functionally tested through fully automated benches with specific testing cycles in order to minimizes the human error, also recording test parameters and product performance data in a dedicated database.

Traceability is assured by an univocal Data Matrix code marked on labels or nameplates, in order to be able to track down each part or process involved in components construction.

Safety and Environment

Safety and environment

Atos is committed in the continuous improvement of Health Safety of the people inside and outside the company.

Minimizing the Environmental impacts of its activities and fulfilling the requirements of environmental and human health hazards regulations REACH an RoHS.