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KTI Master catalog

Technical tables collection of industrial standard components divided in valves, axis & P/Q controls, pumps.

KTX Master catalog

Technical tables collection of ex-proof standard components divided in valves, axis & P/Q controls, cylinders and pumps.

KTW Master catalog

Technical tables collection of stainless steel standard components divided in on-off valves and cylinders.

KTC Cylinders catalog

Atos cylinders are designed to satisfy the most advanced technological standards with latest generation of materials and transducers.

KTF Filters catalog

Atos filters are equipped with high efficiency filtering elements, to ensure best fluid cleanliness levels in hydraulic systems.

KTP Pumps & Servopumps catalog

Technical tables collection of Atos pumps & servopumps for industrial and potentially explosive environments.

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TCP Company profile

Atos Company profile with values, organization, product range overview and any helpful information about who we are and what we do.

TS Safety electrohydraulics

Proportional & on-off valves, cartridges, servocylinders and blocks certified according to safety directives.

TX Ex-proof electrohydraulics

The widest range for safe operations in surface and mining environments in presence of potentially explosive mixtures.

TSSP Servopumps

High performance and energy saving Smart Servopumps with P/Q control.

TF Hydraulic filters

60 years of experience in high performance electrohydraulics exploited in a new range of hydraulic filters.

TZ 100% digital electrohydraulics

Atos digital proportionals offer a complete range of valves and controls with rugged design and outstanding performance.

TC22 Cylinders & Servocylinders

Industrial, ex-proof and stainless steel cylinders designed according to international standards with rugged design and extended operative life.

SK Atos systems division

Full range of power units, hydraulic blocks and systems, certified to international standards.

SuperFast Delivery program 2022

The Atos SuperFast Delivery program has been reconfirmed: fast and quick deliveries also for 2022.

TAI Innovative heating systems

High efficiency heating solutions for low and medium powers applications, a result of extensive R&D on magnetic induction technology.



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Leaflets & Brochures

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