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3-way servoproportional cartridges

Sizes 16÷80 servocartridges - 420 bar max P, 5.000 l/min max Q - are widely used in Plastic injection, Blow moulding, Ceramics, Punching & Nibbling machines, Die casting, Foundry and Steel industry.

They are pilot operated by a servoproportional valve with integral digital electronic driver to control in double closed loop the main cartridge’s spool thus ensuring higher dynamics, better hysteresis, linearity and stability.

Digital servocartridges have “rugged” construction to withstand high vibrations and mechanical shocks up to 50g with optional P/Q control, fieldbus interface and ex-proof execution - ATEX / IECEx certified, see picture.

The valve functional parameters can be easily set by Atos unique PC software.

High performances 2-way execution is available in size 16 to 100 with max flow 16.000 l/min.

Source: RL55